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    First Wedding Dances

    Dances that will make you feel proud at the end of the night

    Whether you’re a pro (after a few drinks) or aware of your two-left-feet syndrome, dancing in front of others can be stressful.


    At Wedding Dance Canada, our highly educated instructors will work with you and your partner on a dance that is fun to learn, graceful, and most importantly, special to you as a couple.


    Whether you're looking for something playful, or romantic and simple, we're experts at matching the dance to your personality but not necessarily your rhythm (no worries, we’ll work on that).

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    Wedding Entertainment

    Beyond the traditional band and DJ...

    Celebrate your union and your friends who have stuck by you through thick and thin — so if they’re having fun on your big day, chances are that you will be too.


    From choreographed dances, roaming performers, hosts, singers...we have a diverse roster of local entertainers with years of experience at live events who'll bring an extra touch of glitter to your wedding.

  • Meet Our Team

    Experience, positivity and creativity.

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    Portia Favro

    Owner and Lead Instructor

    Portia Favro is an award-winning dancer, choreographer, and teacher with extensive experience working across Canada, the U.S. and Europe.


    With over 15 years of teaching dancers from all walks of life and 20 years of performance experience, Portia literally eat, breathes and dreams dance.


    She has worked with hundreds of couples getting them ready for their special day.  


    Portia approaches teaching from a compassionate point of view - there is choreography for everyone. She has a way to pull the very best out of people and will ensure you are 150% satisfied and confident with your dance before heading into your big day!




    Portia is just everything! She’s warm and inviting to newcomers in her classes, and she is focused and motivating for those that know the ropes.

    She is a great teacher to any skill level.

    - Caitlin V.



    Portia has such a well rounded approach to teaching beginners to advanced dancers.

    She adds hints of fun, laughter, great tips to keep your mind focused, and challenges you to be intentional, and creative. All while in a comfortable studio atmosphere!

    - Julia K.


    Portia is a lively, approachable teacher who makes everyone feel welcome and valued.

    She ensures you feel cared for and confident!

    - Blue O.

  • First Dance PACKAGES

    Other services include:

    Wedding Dance Performance

    Mother/Son + Father/Daughter Dance

    Party Starting

    One-On-One Consult

    30 minutes



    Our knowledgeable instructor will sit down with you + offer their guidance finding a song, working through the details of the dress + shoes and find out more about your venue.


    This is a great thing to do before your first lesson, so we can craft the perfect dance based on your vision.


    We can guide you to the best package for that works for you.


    Last Minute Package

    1 lesson - 1 hour


    “We’ve never danced, I have no idea where to start + I’m getting married ASAP!”


    This package is quick and easy way to learn the some simple moves + feel comfortable moving together as on the dance floor without the pressure of a choreographed dance.


    3-Lesson Package

    3 lessons x 1 hour each


    “I want something hat looks polished, romantic + like we put some effort into it.

    This might be a surprise for my friends and family.”


    This package allows time for a more creative dance, time for instruction and breaking movements down + time to connect with your partner.


    Your instructor is here to hold your hand through the process of putting together a wedding dance from start to finish, provide insight for more “showy” dance moves.


    5-Lesson Package

    5 lessons x 1 hour each


    “I want something flashy, fun + engaging.

    I want a highly choreographed dance from start to finish."


    Your instructor will take the time to perfect each move for you + your partner’s bodies to ensure you feel confident, engaged + excited dancing together.


    If you’re looking to add a “dance break” a the end of your dance, this is the perfect package to ensure you have enough time to work on all elements of your dance.

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